Friday, February 12, 2010

Okay, I'm still trying to figure out this blog business, so bear with me. Speaking of bears, it is winter and it would really be nice to just go to sleep and wake up when its warm. Great for weight loss, just don't eat for about 3 months. I could call it the hibernation diet!

Instead, I paint, I airbrush on anything that will hold paint. And there are other artists that help along the way. Take for instance, Chuck Bauman, now this guy is really awesome. He has a gread DVD on airbrushing True Fire and you can download his stencils for free! That's right, free. I really have to admire an accomplished artist that is willing to take the mystery out of his own stencils and give them away. Too many times, artists won't share what they know without big dollar signs in front of it. Does this mean they don't value their work? No, I think it means the honor their profession and feel very secure in it, a rarity among us all. Something to be learned here.....we are all born with gifts, sharing only increases the gift, it doesn't take it away.

Visit Chuck's website at:

Til' next time!

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